8 Tools to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

When was the last time you colored in a coloring book or completed a hands on project? For me, creating something or just taking time to be creative is rewarding and often relaxing. Sometimes, we get bogged down in the monotony of the daily grind and creativity gets lost in the bottom line or the rush to meet a deadline. For some of you reading this article, your job might involve being creative on a daily basis. We all know that there are some days that the creative juices flow much more freely than others. The following 8 tools are here to help on those days when you feel stuck and need a creative boost.

1) Doodle
Did you know that doodling could help improve cognitive performance? Check out this article by Sunni Brown for more insight as to what we can learn from doodles. People use doodling for many reasons such as relaxing, helping to find clarity when working through a complex idea or situation, and to communicate ideas.

To help you get in touch with your inner creative spirit check out Doodle.ly for a social drawing tool that is available for desktop, iPhone, and iPad. This free tool provides users with a space to scribble thoughts and ideas and share them with their network.


2) Prompts
Prompts_AppWant to improve your writing skills? Prompts is an iPhone app that gives users topic starters for creative writing.

A few examples of topics include:

  • A glass bottle set next to…
  • The thief was stopped by a…
  • I’m not afraid to admit that…

The app allows you to write and save your work to Dropbox. You can then export your work to Evernote, Day One, Facebook, Twitter, or your email.


3) Coffitivity

Do you enjoy the ambience of Starbucks, but maybe your wallet is asking for a break or your day is too jammed packed to leave the office? If the sounds of the coffee shop help bring out your inner creative genius Coffitivity is the app for you.

Coffitivity is an app that is designed to simulate the ambient sounds of a coffee shop and help boost your concentration and creativity while not becoming distracting.

The app is available for desktop, iPhone, and Andriod.


4) Quotey

Wise words from others may be just the thing you need to jumpstart your creativity or pull you through a creative roadblock. Quotey is an iPhone app that can be described as “Tinder for quotes.” Users swipe left or right to add quotes to their collection. The app also features a share button that makes it simple to share a favorite quote with your followers on social media.

5) Ad Filter


D&AD, an advertising agency, recently released a browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that is designed to replace regular preroll ads with D&AD award winning ads, past and present. The purpose is to “celebrate creativity by inspiring and stimulating people in the (advertising) industry and beyond.”

So, don’t let those unimaginative ads cramp your creative style. Get AdFilter and spice it up a bit.

6) Evernote


Have you ever been laying in bed at night and had a brilliant idea and thought you would jot it down when you woke up in the morning? When you wake up, the brilliance of the moment is gone. Evernote provides users with a way to record those ideas no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Evernote is a modern workspace that is designed to sync across any computer or phone. This allows users to write down ideas on one device and then access the idea again on another device. Don’t let that brilliant moment get lost ever again.

7) Photocopa

Have you been thinking of a color redesign for your website? Photocopa is an app that allows users to upload a photo from anywhere on the Internet and then this creative tool will generate a color palette inspired by the colors in the image. To retrieve the hex code for each color in your custom palette, just hover over the square. This tool makes it easy to create high-quality visuals for your blog articles, social media posts, and websites.

8) Lucidchart
Lucidchart provides users with the tools they need to create professional charts and diagrams to illustrate ideas. This collaborative tool is useful in anything from brainstorming to project management. The easy to use drag and drop feature allows non-designers to easily produce high quality content without the hassle. Lucidchart is also compatible with many other programs so exporting and sharing is made easy.

We hope these 8 tools help to stimulate your creative juices. Need more ideas for bringing innovation to your company? Call Josieque Designs today.


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